Case studiesSHIPPINGHow Audionova Plus Amplified Its Logistics with Inex to Reach Global Markets and Streamline Operations

How Audionova Plus Amplified Its Logistics with Inex to Reach Global Markets and Streamline Operations

In this digital age, we are more than just a distributor — we are truly a logistics company. Inex has allowed us to hone in on our logistics, uncover efficiencies, and ultimately drive profit growth. With Inex handling our shipping operations, we can now focus more on sourcing and supplying high-quality music accessories. Inex, keep doing what you're doing!

Mike Van Stiphout, Owner, Audionova Plus

Company Overview

Since its inception in 1988, Audionova Plus, based in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, has made its mark as a reputable distributor of distinctive musical instrument accessories. Their focus is importing high quality products from the U.S. and Europe and distributing them to music-related businesses all across Canada. Their diverse inventory includes unique items like custom-made capos, sophisticated guitar pedal power supplies, and meticulously crafted small batch instrument straps. They also carry a range of maintenance supplies like aerosols and cleaning equipment, which introduce a unique layer of complexity to their shipping needs.

Shipping Challenges

Handling a plethora of high-value items and dealing with a single carrier presented significant challenges for Audionova Plus. Their previous shipping aggregator platform’s limitation to UPS impacted their ability to reach global markets and created a bottleneck in order fulfillment. The necessity to personally resolve carrier-related support issues further ate into valuable business hours, causing unnecessary stress.

The Inex Solution

Two years ago, Audionova Plus found the ideal logistics ally in Inex. Audionova Plus immediately benefitted from Inex’s broad network of reliable carriers, specifically Purolator, FedEx, and GLS. This, in turn, expanded their shipping options and flexibility. What’s more, Inex seamlessly took over carrier interactions, sparing the Audionova Plus team from additional logistical complexities and hours spent on the phone. Today, Audionova Plus efficiently manages most of their exporting and a significant portion of their importing operations through Inex, ensuring that their unique and valuable shipments reach all destinations securely and promptly.

Inex | 05.09.2023

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