Inex Fuels the Success of Montréal’s Favorite Bagel Store: A Case Study

Working with Inex has been a game-changer for us. They have transformed the way we manage our shipping operations, ensuring that our products reach our customers across Canada. Their technology and services allow us to navigate the complexities of shipping, even with our specific temperature requirements and seasonal sourcing challenges. Now, we can focus more on what we do best. The Inex solution is more than just a service for us; it’s a partnership that fuels our success.

– Amit Mahtani, Owner, Bagels on Greene

Company Overview

Nestled in the charming neighborhood of Westmount, Montréal, Bagels on Greene represents far more than a traditional bagel store. This family-operated establishment, known for its specialized, homemade products and an experience unrivaled in the market, has grown into an essential part of the Montréal community. Their 4,000- square-foot space, brimming with delectable offerings, caters not only to the neighborhood residents but also acts as a cherished lunch destination for nearby workers and a trusted provider for local businesses’ catering needs.

Shipping Challenges

Prior to their partnership with Inex, Bagels on Greene faced notable challenges in the area of logistics and fulfillment. They imported ingredients requiring strict temperature controls (around -10 degrees Celsius) and shipped shelf-stable products across Canada and America, adding an extra layer of complexity to their operations.

Seasonal fluctuations in sourcing ingredients, especially during the summertime and holiday seasons, were a recurring obstacle. Navigating these logistical minefields on top of rate shopping for cost effective shipping solutions proved increasingly time-consuming.

The Inex Solution

That’s where Inex stepped in. By leveraging Inex’s advanced logistics and rate shopping services, Inex brought a much-needed transformation to Bagels on Greene’s shipping operations. Inex’s solutions were leveraged by owner Amit Mahtani to respond to the shifting needs of the business in real time.


Inex’s technology effectively addressed Bagels on Greene’s core pain points, simplifying rate shopping, and ensuring a seamless connection between Bagels on Greene, its vendors, and remote customers. Thanks to Inex, the company can confidently import about three pallets a year from the United States and dispatches as- needed shipments of shelf-stable food products to customers across the country.

Inex | 12.06.2023

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