Case studiesSHIPPINGHow TeliPlus Optimized Shipping with Inex for Enhanced Profitability and Efficiency

How TeliPlus Optimized Shipping with Inex for Enhanced Profitability and Efficiency

With Inex, we've been able to streamline our logistics operations considerably. Their platform is very straightforward to use and the ability to compare rates quickly helps us make more informed decisions. It's a practical solution that fits our needs. Put simply: Inex cuts through the noise of the shipping experience and brings value every day; it's exactly what we were looking for.

Arie Reiser, President of TeliPlus Inc.

Company Overview

With a track record spanning 33 years, TeliPlus Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec, provides world-class telecommunication consulting and implementation services. TeliPlus services telecommunication equipment and cabling infrastructure across Canada and the USA. Their operations rely on efficiently sourcing products from suppliers and shipping these to customers across North America.

Shipping Challenges

Before Inex, TeliPlus was reliant on single carrier solutions for their logistics. This approach lacked the transparency needed to ensure competitive rates, affecting the company’s profitability. The traditional method of visiting brick-and-mortar carrier locations and generating shipments without the benefit of rate comparison was time-consuming and inefficient.

The Inex Solution

Inex transformed the shipping landscape for TeliPlus. The platform’s user-friendly interface enabled TeliPlus to source and generate shipments in mere minutes. By providing a broad view of rates across various global carriers, Inex empowered TeliPlus to take control of their shipping logistics and optimize costs. The platform’s scalability proved especially valuable in the wake of Covid, helping TeliPlus adapt their shipping operations to fluctuating demands swiftly and efficiently.


Inex continues to contribute to the optimization of TeliPlus’s product fulfillment and shipping operations. The platform’s ease of use and flexibility, paired with its capacity for rate comparison, have revolutionized the way TeliPlus handles logistics, enhancing both efficiency and profitability.

Inex | 05.09.2023

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