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A Spooktacular Partnership: Inex Conjures Up Nationwide Shipping with Nationex

As the autumn leaves turn and the air fills with the spirit of Halloween, Inex is brewing up something that’s no trick, all treat! We’re excited to unveil a ghoulishly delightful new partnership with Nationex. This thrilling alliance brings the full spectrum of Nationex’s services to Inex customers.

Nationex Joins Inex’s Cauldron of Carriers

Nationex, with a spellbinding history of reliability and speed, now joins forces with Inex. We are excited for them to merge the sorcery of their delivery services with our enchanting customer platform. Here’s what this mystical melding means for you:

  • Frighteningly Fast Parcel Delivery: Our expedited services are so quick, it’s almost scary! Get your parcels delivered with supernatural speed.
  • Monstrous Freight Services: When you’ve got cargo that could rival Frankenstein’s monster in size, Nationex’s freight services through Inex can handle the load.
  • Poof there It Is: Choose the delivery enchantment that best suits your needs, from the witching hour to the light of day.

Seamless Integration for an Eerily Smooth Experience

Merging Nationex into Inex’s realm has been a potion perfected for simplicity and efficiency. What this bewitching blend means:

  • One More Spell in the Book: Manage all your shipping incantations within the Inex platform — now enriched with Nationex’s services.
  • Potion of Price Comparison: Mix and match rates to find the concoction that best suits your budget.
  • No New Hexes Needed: Use Nationex services instantly, with no additional magical rites or rituals required.

Why Choose the Inex-Nationex Alliance?

  • Expertise That Haunts the Competition: Nationex’s homegrown Canadian know-how, paired with their national network, means your shipments are in ghoulishly good hands.
  • Cost-Effective Concoctions: Don’t let shipping costs give you a fright; our competitive rates are a real treat.
  • Never a Disappearing Act: Keep an eye on your parcels as they fly from door to door with Nationex’s tracking — as reliable as a witch’s familiar.
  • Support From the Spirit Realm: Inex’s dedicated support team, now with Nationex’s customer service conjurers, ensures your satisfaction isn’t just a ghostly promise.

This Halloween, while you’re decking out in capes and fangs, we’re cloaking your parcels in the best shipping solutions this side of the spirit world. The partnership between Inex and Nationex casts a powerful spell that’s sure to enchant your shipping experience with reliability, efficiency, and cost savings.

Don’t be haunted by lesser shipping options. Embrace the new, supernatural synergy of Inex and Nationex, and let your shipping fears vanish into the night.

Get Started on this Bewitching Journey

Summon the power of Inex and Nationex this Halloween by logging into your Inex account. It’s time to carve out the best path for your parcels, with no black cats crossing your shipping lanes.

For any questions or to get assistance from our coven of customer service wizards, send a raven—or an email—to We’re here to make your Halloween shipping eerily easy and frightfully efficient!

Happy Haunting and Happy Shipping!


Inex | 30.10.2023

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